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posted by strawhat 8 years ago
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    / 8 years ago

    I wanted to check in to see if later this week was a good time to discuss your current online marketing strategy.

    I work for an Inc 500 marketing agency based out of Los Angeles. Our team specializes in custom marketing campaigns based around a Google-friendly, content-centric approach that maximizes exposure and drives traffic via original content creation, social media interaction, and sponsored Influencer marketing.

    From an analysis of your website, I can see that you aren't taking advantage of a number of techniques currently identified by Google as the best way to achieve better organic rankings. In my diagnosis, I've found 6 key points that we can discuss in more detail over the phone.

    What day this week works best for a call?


    Carol Burgin

    Digital Marketing Manager

    (877) 228-1545


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